The Panics “Sleeps Like A Curse”

Posted on May 29, 2020 in Promotional, Releases

The Panics. ‘Sleeps Like A Curse’ (2005) Now on Spotify. Recorded in Sydney, this album began in Manchester, England. We had an apartment in this old building, and all the other dwellings were empty. We broke in to one and it was waterlogged and all that was left was a Yothu Yindi CD on the floor, good omen! Every day we ordered a black cab because it could fit all 5 of us and we would go to our rehearsal room in this Industrial Estate in Salford that no cab driver would agree to pick us up from, so we had to walk a few blocks, only this boxing gym was open. I think we stayed safe through being too strange to bother with. I remember going to a house in a working class suburb to buy a drum kit with the band and as we left all these kids were running after the car yelling “Goodbye men in black!” I don’t remember songs coming together but different lyrics remind me of certain streets I was walking at the time when I came up with it, theres a great atmosphere to the album and Manchester is all through it. We must have toured Aust. straight after because I remember setting up in Megaphone studios , bit on from Newtown, Sydney, and that first night we laid ‘Minor A’ down straight up because we were firing from playing every night. I loved making it. All the band were deeply involved in every part, Tim Whitten produced and was cool and calm. I heard him talking about it on radio and he said The Panics were a tight circle to penetrate, which I can only take as a great compliment. We always had this agreement in The Panics, split everything evenly and in return, everyone is involved in everything, and if you don’t then you can LEAVE! Ha. but no one did. We mixed at Sony and the studio went down for a fortnight while we waited in a squat behind the butcher in Bondi where those 5 roads meet. It was a mattress on the floor and a radio, just like Salford but on Bondi Beach, which pretty much sums up the record. JL