The Panics EP2, here now for your listening pleasure !

Posted on Apr 18, 2020 in Releases

The Panics EP2 now on Spotify. Every two weeks we are re-releasing early recordings missing from the back catalogue. I’ve just had a listen, again, probably not since we made it. I remember in these years we just kept recording, we had a great set up with dedicated friends Steve Bond and Sid Eaton always making themselves available, so we were always in someone’s spare room, the whole band sat on someone’s bed.
The first two EPs kind of play like an album, as a whole they bring back a good feeling. I can hear myself trying way too hard at the microphone, but that was part of it at the time – big, nervous energy and ideas, which often worked and sometimes were a shambles. Ask anyone who came to our shows in those years, sometimes it fell in a heap but mostly it was the best times. Three of us had been to Kalamunda High School together in the hills, and been dreaming it all up for years and suddenly we felt the possibilities. We met Pete Carroll, our manager at this time at the Inglewood Hotel, North Perth, we were playing these songs at the time , he was there with Gaz from Happy Mondays and we started hanging out with them all the time, they were starting a label and we became their first band. We lived a hundred metres from the Flying Scotsman, the pub we spent half our nights at for a few years there, and its around here that the music takes me back to. I remember playing ‘This Day Last Year’ to Drew our guitarist in the share house there, and him doing the chiming, circular guitar style he had that gave so much of the Panics songs their spark. Jules, who was last to join the group was now fully involved in the songs, and you can hear how important the guitars are to the panics sound.JL