The Panics – EP1 circa 2002

Posted on Apr 16, 2020 in Releases

THE PANICS EP 1. Starting today we are re-releasing some of the missing early recordings from The Panics, one every two weeks over the next few months so the full catalogue is available and up to date. Ive just had a listen to this in full, probably for the first time since we made it (19 years ago!) Plenty of imagery comes flooding back with the music from the time we made this. Always recording in a house somewhere with our mates Steve Bond and Sid Eaton, I have good memories of using all the bedrooms of Steves place in Highgate and laying down Give Me Some Good Luck and Wake Up, housemates hanging about, hearing ourselves back properly after years of random demos. The band sound great, really hungry, the vocals are nervous but sound good. I was happy when an audio magazine got in touch to interview Steve about the process, I realise now everyone was just learning and thats what’s great about it. Theres two instrumentals on the EP, The Panics used to start and finish gigs with one, it was a big part of our show, Four Walls was a great start to a gig, usually the Hyde Park Hotel at this point, and the recording is the start of the band doing its own production and sampling stuff. Im pretty sure Myles our Drummer/ eventual Producer made this one, I heard it once on JJJ at the time and felt really proud. Then theres My Brilliant Career. This is the definitive recording, we remixed it for the album, I don’t know why, here it sounds great. We made it with a fellow Adam Keane, who I haven’t seen since, in a sand dune Northern Perth suburb near the beach on a hill. This song is full of hope for me, playing it over and over in the industrial estate in Bayswater, at band competitions around Perth, ‘In the Pines’ . I was visiting my brother in London when I heard it got some national radio play and felt so good. I moved soon after to North Perth and remember Give Me Some Good Luck being our first proper daily radio play, and we’d turn it right up, i was still working on orchards in the Hills, and my band were on the radio in my headphones. EP 1, golden times. JL