The Panics – “Crack In The Wall”

Posted on May 18, 2020 in Promotional, Releases

The Panics ‘Crack in the Wall’ 2004 -Now on Spotify. We moved pretty quick after our first album, we had enough in the tank that we set about making an EP before the next full length and it turned into this 7 tracker. We were recording in the old Masonic lodge we rehearsed in on Guildford Rd and found a whole new angle with alot of space and drama in the music. I know the Johnny Cash American Recordings was influential, we named a song after him. We slowed it down a lot and let the songs do the talking. ‘Southern’ is a great instrumental and the only Panics song I didn’t take part in. Wootton brothers made it on the four track cassette by memory. I got heavy on Dylan and fingerpicked ‘In Your Head’. There were a few longing, romantic songs, I remember feeling like I could really own that. I was coming up with lyrics all the time and felt totally proud of the role. I remember not having enough money at the Queens hotel for a beer, and the bartender said ‘close enough is good enough’ – nice fella- I went and wrote ‘Close Enough ain’t Good Enough’ I told him about it next time I was in and he wasn’t remotely impressed. We’ll call it even. JL