The Panics – A House On A Street In A Town I’m From

Posted on May 11, 2020 in Promotional, Releases

PART 2 ‘A House on a Street in a Town I’m From”
Like I said the plan was to evolve, and I think we got back to Australia with a thirst for more. I wanted to be on the radio in that family’s house. We stuck to our tried and true gang mentality back in Perth and continued to record with our friends, Steve Bond and Sid Eaton. The process over all this time was fragmented and it shows in the album. Listening to it now I hear big ideas, I hear the band sounding really great but I also hear myself regularly struggling on the microphone, my mind was often in another place and I hadn’t yet learnt to relax into the moment, I just closed my eyes and whatever came out was what we went with. Still, that was very much an honest recording of where we were at and in some respects, I’m glad we were never the slick group, we had those two extremes of ultra confidence and a kind of precarious thing where sometimes if conditions weren’t feeling right, we just let it crumble, but when it worked, which was often, it was magic. Ultimately, theres some great music from this period and I wouldn’t trade bands with anyone.
The next time we returned to England I think the Panics had found their touch, if anything the evolving that we needed to do came from the trial and error and learning experience of this whole period, we got a bit more organised after this. I found a kind of lyrical style that was more my own, we knew we’d have to work for it, and we were up for it, we also knew we had to keep looking forward. J.L