Give it time
The Money War was conceived in car when Dylan Ollivierre (Rainy Day Women) and Carmen Pepper (The Morning Birds) drove across the US in late 2015, writing and recording well over 20 iPhone demos; inspired by the beauty, the ugly and occasionally confronting road trip.
Hanging out in studios in LA and San Francisco with producers, Tom Monahan (Fruit bats, Little Joy) and Arne Franger (The Plant, Sausalito) convinced them of the value of the songs they were demoing. After meeting Arne by chance in a bar he showed them around the San Francisco bay area and his studio while Tom talked about his production techniques and both guys passed on stories about the making of some classic records. The road trip and meeting these two guys were the catalyst – bringing the new band into focus.
The debut single ‘Give it time’ features Carmen’s ethereal vocals against a hook heavy wall of sound written and produced by Dylan.