“Perth’s Rainy Day Women first popped onto my radar almost a year ago with the very popular single ‘Ain’t It Time’. Fast forward to today with their newest single ‘Mars’, which heads into new territory. It invokes a somewhat folkier styling to their music, giving it a lovely pastoral feel. Perfect music for those lazy Sunday afternoons where all you want to do is immerse yourself in some beautifully quaint melodies” – Indie shuffle

Rainy Day Women is a four-piece wonder out of Perth, and this band of Australians is poised to commandeer the devotion of any listener who harbors an old-soul lover of classic pop. The group’s sound borrows from the great masters of summer soundtracks, and weaves a contemporary air into the fabric of their work (think Pet Sounds meets Real Estate’s Days). Their music is unstoppably luminous, and it will supplant you with rapidity directly to a sundrenched Pacific oasis.

“Mars” is an anthem for the self-aware wanderer. Lyrically, it depicts a departure of the most affecting sort. Imagining that Mars is his destination, the narrator describes a brutal yet blessed severing of ties. Embedded in the lyricism is the sort of tangible, heartfelt sentiment that accompanies parting ways with the dearest of friends and the nostalgic well wishing that separation might evoke.

Traversing cool and calming melodies, Rainy Day Women project a picture of departure on the biggest screen a heart could hold. “Mars” encapsulates beautiful homesickness, through which the band masterfully demonstrates their unstoppable potential.

Rainy Day Women follow in the footsteps of other indie Perth exports like Tame Impala, and the band’s track record to date is already quite impressive. In 2013, they ranked as the most played artist on Triple J Unearthed, with two songs on heavy rotation. That same year, Rainy Day Women reached the number one slot on the Channel V indie charts. Also worthy of note, the group won WAM Pop Act of the Year in 2013 and WAM Song of the Year in 2012.

Armed with an arsenal such as this, Rainy Day Women’s future is looking about as bright as their sound. While we wait for more information regarding their forthcoming, fall into their single and let it soundtrack your next great escape. If yours is a nomadic soul, you won’t regret the decision for an instant” – Bestnewbands.com (Brooklyn New York)