Paige Valentine – “Fool

‘I’m a fool… for everything’ Paige sings with sincerity amidst swells of choral harmonies and lush instrumentation. Her second single of 2020, Fool follows on from the alluring Pure, which signalled a sea change for Paige – introducing a more sophisticated level of songwriting, accompanied by a multi-layered new sound. The rich vein of creativity she tapped into with Pure is fully uncovered with Fool. As a metaphor, Fool’s tale of ascending from heartache and desperation is fitting of the world into which it is born. While the rest of the planet is still in lockdown, Paige’s home of Western Australia has already emerged on the other side of the tunnel, more or less unscathed. Live music has returned… and with it, people are again able to bask in the electricity of being in an audience. As much as Pure was Paige’s bookmark for isolation and lockdown, Fool is the anthem of her emancipation from it. As such, it is gloriously emotional.

Kitten Heel – Live Show 16 April 2021

Alex Gow “One Guitar” Podcast

“There’s only one guitar, but there are six strings and an infinite number of ways you can use them to express yourself.”

Acclaimed Aussie songwriter Alex Gow (formerly Oh Mercy, now performing as Perfect Moment) is stepping behind the mic in a brand new capacity with the launch of his new podcast, One Guitar.

Co-produced by the Mushroom Group, the podcast will stream on the LiSTNR platform. The series sees Gow take an in-depth look at the songwriting processes of some of Australia’s most renowned artists, and how they form their creative masterpieces. 

Armed with a Gibson J45 acoustic guitar, Gow gives his subjects four weeks to write and compose a brand new song for the podcast, after which time he and his guest perform the new tune together and chat about the conception of the track.

A slew of incredible guests have been announced for the project including Alice SkyeBernard FanningSarah BlaskoDMA’S guitarist Johnny Took, and Aus songwriting legend Paul Kelly.

One Guitar podcast runs an x-ray over the alchemy of song writing to reveal the poetry of the process,” Gow said of the project. 

“I wanted to dissolve an unhealthy barrier built between the novice songwriter and that same writer granting themselves permission to be a songwriter. That barrier is the mystification of the process, the alchemising of songwriting. 

“The best way I could think to achieve it would be to say, sure, there’s only one guitar, but there are six strings and an infinite number of ways you can use them to express yourself. And it isn’t divine providence that makes the writer, it’s trial and error, attention to details, and practice.”

All five episodes of One Guitar have dropped today – check them out over at the LiSTNR platform here.

 Perfect Moment  Alex Gow new project